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A push to regain a little of the relationship with his best friend before kids took him out of the picture. A mountain face that was not forgiving.

Note: One Broken Life was originally published as part of the megabook No Time To Quit.

Benjamin Ainsworth moves from job to job aimlessly, never allowing himself to be tied down.

The problem is his friends are getting married, setting up house and looking to have children. His relationships are growing up into a world he doesn’t want.

He has a chance to regain a bit of the fun when his friend agrees to go mountain climbing before the big day.

Cynical and self-absorbed he never considers the consequences until he wakes up. He can move, but has lost all memory of HOW to move.


There is a promising technique that requires Benjamin to enter a virtual world. The problem? He will be forced to admit to his fears.

The ground-breaking technology includes a hidden A.I. staying off the radar of the Department of Defense.

Will he be the one treated, or will his attitude perhaps affect the newly formed and still learning entity?

If he wants to move again, Benjamin Ainsworth has some growing to do whether he wants to or not.

Sometimes, growing up after you are an adult is the hardest thing to do.

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