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Axeman: Cycle of Death
Cover Image
Axeman: Cycle of Death
Cover Image

Axeman: Cycle of Death

Revenant Files Book 2
Michael Anderle(Author) D'Artagnan Rey(Author)

Among ghosts and breathers there is a saying…

“There is always something going down in New Orleans.”

Usually, things are done and dusted for Johnny and Vic by this point.

But the Axeman still has a few tricks in him and a few friends (or perhaps just one very conniving and powerful friend) to call upon.

With no more reason to hide, the Axeman is going to get his prize…no matter what,

With the entire city of New Orleans as his killing field, Johnny and Vic’s investigation is much, much bigger.

They don’t need to find the killer. They need to figure out how to permanently end him.

Will Johnny and Vic take down the Axeman before he and his shadowy benefactor change what life means forever?

Or will Johnny and Vic find out what happens when one of them dies?

Go up and click Buy Now or Read for Free (with Kindle Unlimited) and step back into this new world, one where ghosts and breathers walk the streets together.

Being afraid of the afterlife is just a little more personal now.

Michael Anderle D'Artagnan Rey
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