Crescendo Of Fire


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If a rocketship dies, who wins?

The world’s most advanced rocket company suffers a catastrophic explosion that becomes a publicity disaster. Within hours, the new CEO Matt Toscano learns he faces much deeper trouble than a public relations problem—

The California Governor plans to destroy him.

Suddenly mankind’s best hope of better space travel lies on the water, with the BrainTrust.

Fortunately Dash Ambarawati, the BrainTrust’s most brilliant researcher, has studied rocket science since childhood. With her help, Matt stands a chance.

But Dash brings trouble with her. Matt and Dash find themselves with a host of enemies on their heels, including the Russian Union Premier and the American President for Life. The race is on.

One way or the other, this race will end in a Crescendo of Fire.


An itty bitty ninja gets her fondest wish. An ex-commando squares off with a Red Princess. And a retired project director toils quietly behind the scenes.

Kidnappers, oligarchs, politicians, dictators, princelings—outwitting them is not just a job, it’s an adventure. 

And all in a day’s work…on the BrainTrust.

Get your copy and kick back for a thought-provoking, action-packed adventure that will have you staying up all night reading to discover the truth!

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