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Justice Served
Cover Image
Justice Served
Cover Image

Justice Served

Terra Kris Book 3
Michael Anderle(Author)

Being reinstated to the AJS and being safe again are two very different outcomes.

They are looking for Terra. Everywhere she turns, an enemy force is after her, looking to extract the AI in her head to destroy the one weak link in their chain.

The APRIL software has been deployed AJS-wide, and now whoever is at the top of the chain has their eyes on the entire city.

Those above are controlling where the AJS go, monitoring and manipulating law and order.

Terra has comrades, though.

A chance encounter with the First Executioner gives her the information she needs.

But with every silver lining comes a catch.

The answers are bordered by state-of-the-art defenses.

Will Terra be able to track down the one connection who might be able to set her free?

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ATLANTICA—the forgotten isle, the glittering gem in the cesspool of humanity's future. Anything you do inside your own home is allowed.

It is a dog-eat-dog world of millionaires and billionaires. The rest of society beneath them live in ignorance.

Those at the top have money, tools, people, assassins, and murderers.

But when the temptations of Atlantica grip your soul, don't say we didn't warn you.

Michael Anderle
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