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Level Up Bitch
Cover Image
Level Up Bitch
Cover Image

Level Up Bitch

Intergalactic Pest Control Book 2
NM Tatum(Author) Michael Anderle(Author) Sarah Noffke(Author)
Extermination just got a whole lot more fun.

The ship took a lot of damage defeating the queen ShimVen. However, the gang isn’t deterred and gear up for a brand-new job.

A surprise is waiting for them.

It has razor-sharp teeth and a really bad attitude.

To defeat these alien pests, the Notches are going to have to get creative. They soon learn this new infestation is wide-spread.

To survive, they’re going to need to level up.  

Cody is still convinced that the infestations across the galaxy aren’t coincidental.

An evil corporation might be behind the swarm of deadly bugs.

The gang is going to need proof. But first they must stay alive and exterminate.

Men in Black meets Ghost Busters.  Intergalactic Pest Control will have readers hooked from the beginning.

--- Caution for strong language and graphic scenes involving lots of bug guts.

Michael Anderle Sarah Noffke NM Tatum
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