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If the First Plague Apocalypse Doesn't Kill Them All, Try Another.

The most brilliant mind in a thousand years has been tortured and twisted by human cruelty. His solution:

Burn the world down and start from scratch.

Almost no one can stop him. A single obstacle stands in his way.

He must destroy the BrainTrust and its medical researcher extraordinaire, Dr. Dash.

With millions dying, nuclear war in the offing, and the BrainTrust under siege, the fight for the very soul of humanity hinges on a last desperate question:

Who remains to Defy the Darkness?


Nominated for the 2020 Prometheus Award.

This is a long book—450 pages!

If you like Michael Crichton, or Robert Heinlein, or even the TV show “The Last Ship”, welcome to the BrainTrust.

NOTE: While this saga takes place in the BrainTrust universe with some returning characters, it picks up over a year after the other books and does stand alone. No prior experience necessary.

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