Rhapsody For The Tempest


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She’s Invading the Cradle of Civilization

Thousands of years ago, the northern plateau of China gave rise to the first great civilization.

Now Jam, an ex-commando from the BrainTrust, is searching the plateau for the untapped geniuses needed to power the BrainTrust’s expansion. She leads a two-woman invasion that could roil the power structure in China to its core.

As Jam rides roughshod over tyranny, bureaucracy and ignorance, as she accumulates ever more enemies, she wanders ever nearer to an ancient secret—

The secret that powered the first Cradle of Civilization so long ago.

Even with all the help she can get from her best friends Dash and Ping, will it be enough to bring the secret home where it belongs?

Is Dash’s brilliance truly nonhuman?

And above all, will Ping ever get to use her Big Gun?

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