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That Ship Has A Phat Ass
Cover Image
That Ship Has A Phat Ass
Cover Image

That Ship Has A Phat Ass

Unlikely Bountyhunters Book 3
Michael Todd(Author) Michael Anderle(Author)

*Warning: Graphic bro-humor, and much stupidity from guys who don’t know any better.

It started as a quick job to grab some cash, didn’t it?

John should have paid more attention to the details, and less attention to his cute partner’s body.

John and Meehix need to run, and fast.

Apparently, offing a crime lord’s brother, pulling a jail break from a maximum-security prison and pissing off a Blavarian wasn’t doing John or Meehix any good.

With their life expectancy chances going down, they need to figure out a way to acquire some good luck.

Chuckie understands that he is losing the race to Meehix’s heart, and he has concocted a diabolical plan to scare John away from her.

It’s what guys do to each other even when they like each other.

No hard feelings between bro’s, right?

Grab the latest story of John, Meehix, and Chuckie N. as the three work to SAVE THE ALIENS. If the Men in Black don’t get them first.

Go up, click the Buy Now or Read for Free button and grab THAT SHIP HAS A PHAT ASS, then sit back and chillax. This is a book that will not hurt your intellect.


Michael Anderle Michael Todd
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