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The First Executioner
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The First Executioner
Cover Image

The First Executioner

Justice Begins Book 1
Michael Anderle(Author)

It rose like a jewel from the sea, tantalizing and dangerous.

The ancient island of Atlantis was rediscovered in the 1950s, and a war-weary world had to decide how to handle this revelation.

Enter Atlantica, the land of promise where there are no politics, no ideologies, no loyalties beyond the Almighty Dollar.

By 1965, business is booming, but the wheels of this materialistic machine are crushing innocents in its voracious ascent.

Who will stand for those trapped in this uncaring system?

Enter the first Executioner.

Tyler “Ty” Katakura was not looking to be a hero, but he isn’t one to stand aside and let bad things happen to good people.

Still scarred from his time in the killing fields of the Korean War, Ty was looking for a place to start over. However, Atlantica needs him to do more—to be more.

Justice, truthfully executed, doesn’t occur organically, and it can’t discriminate, but what will it cost those who bring it to Atlantica?

Ty doesn’t know, but as his growing list of enemies ranges from the lowest gutter to the newest high rise he comes to understand one truth about Atlantica:

Justice over Mercy is the only way: the Executioner’s Way.

Michael Anderle
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