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The Kurtherian Gambit Audiobooks 16-18
The Kurtherian Gambit Audiobooks 16-18

The Kurtherian Gambit Audiobooks 16-18



A Storius Exclusive - Get audiobooks 16-18 in The Kurtherian Gambit with this bundle!

Never Surrender

Bethany Anne and those in the Etheric Empire have conquered the Aliens who would conquer Earth.

However, there are a few that do not appreciate the new rules.  Dealing with insurrectionists down on the planet, or with a large military rebellion coming from another system, Bethany Anne and team are ready and willing to give everyone a piece of their mind.

Because there is one common attitude that runs in all of those who fight for the Etheric Empire.



Forever Defend

Some forget why she was called the Queen Bitch.

Not Anymore.

Bethany Anne is going stir crazy after more than a decade of having to be 'The Empress.' Now, her advisors have to deal with an Empress who is determined to be on the front line.

The Ixtali's come to the Etheric Empire, hat in hand.

Nathan decides that the best way to handle soft intelligence, is to create a new company. What they name the new company should give a clue what it is about.

The Skaine are able to finally get Ranger Tabitha's group right were their missiles can attack. The problem is, who is sucking whom into a trap?

Strap back in, because Bethany Anne is putting the Queen's crown back on.


Might Makes Right

The Leath are fighting for their Gods, but Bethany Anne is fighting for freedom.

Then, the Leath make a very fatal mistake.

On another planet, the Leath dishonor the Etheric Empire's warriors and Bethany Anne unleashes her new avatar and there will be hell to pay.

For those that believe Might Makes Right, Bethany Anne is about to explain how that can be so, so wrong.

Read the latest Bethany Anne adventure that can make you laugh out loud, shed a tear, and yell for the good guys as they fight evil in another galaxy.

One ass-kicking at a time.


NOTE: These audiobooks contain cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, I don't suggest reading this book.

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