Accept No Attitude Audiobook



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If you were dying of cancer, would you risk entering a game that saved you from pain, even if you chanced dying early?

Dorothy Hunt is not willing to go out with a whimper, but rather a bang.

The main problem? Not all of her family will support her decision.

This time, she gets to choose a body that isn't pretty, isn't bound by the social customs of her family and generation.

"Make me ugly."

Unused to video games, fighting cancer, Dorothy Hunt is focused on providing the scientists something they can't acquire without her.

Data on an older human who is about to die.

Will she be able to reconcile her decision with her children? Will she be able to engage with the game when she feels the pain her character feels?

Will she ever get used to the smell?

Dorothy Hunt will forever change the future of medicine, If she can stay alive long enough to do it.

You don't send a kid to do a mature adult's job.

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