Calculated Risk Audiobook



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What do you do when the other side uses your son’s life as a negotiating ploy?

Mary and Senator Tad Williams will learn what it means to play hard ball. Can they play just as hard?

Amber, Nick, and Jacob now have the responsibility that came with their sudden decision to help a kid. Are they up to the task?

Justin is acclimating inside the world. Will his need to connect with another person extend to feelings for a fake character?

There is more going on here than dirty politics, questionable business ethics, and cutting-edge science that might kill.

Justin has to grow up or he may die. Can his mother ground him? Will his father help when more than a coma separates them?

Will Justin wake up from his coma? Will lobbyists crush the principled senator who needs to talk to his son one more time?

Can Justin survive in a fantasy world in his own mind where pain is real?

It isn’t just the future of humanity at stake. It’s Justin’s life, too.

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