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Cataclysmic Mistakes
Cover Image
Cataclysmic Mistakes
Cover Image

Cataclysmic Mistakes

McFadden and Banks Book 7
Michael Anderle(Author)

The ZOO has pushed and pushed hard. What will the response be?

Not everyone is happy about rumblings of the wall going up faster.

Frustration abounds for everyone. The ZOO has changed tactics and moved the goalposts.

Who is going to win, humanity or the Zoo?

Niki needs to vent, and Taylor does his best to show her a good time.

Will Taylor be able to get them out without being arrested?

The ZOO has a new tactic, one so devious no one was expecting it.

A local gang grabs a member of Taylor’s group.

In the Czech Republic, the enemy explodes into action, surprising everyone. They need help desperately, but who to call?

Before McFadden and Banks can help anyone in the ZOO, they will unleash a scorched earth policy on anyone who dares touch one of their friends.

Will Taylor and Niki get their friend back? Will the ZOO finally break out of the walls keeping it contained in Africa?

Michael Anderle
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