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Diplomatic Immunity
Cover Image
Diplomatic Immunity
Cover Image

Diplomatic Immunity

McFadden and Banks Book 2
Michael Anderle(Author)

Sometimes the biggest monsters use their mouths for more than ripping and tearing.

They use them to beguile their fellow humans.

Taylor and Niki need to find out who is importing a dangerous alien serum and looking to mix it into the drug trade.

The consequences might be more dire than humanity could possibly know.

Along with a substantial amount of firepower, the main suspect has one more level of protection that's rare.

Diplomatic immunity.

Will they find out the guilty party is the one they suspect, or is he a front for something more sinister?

When a job absolutely must be accomplished, you hire McFadden and Banks.

They will get the job done or die trying.

Whether the monsters are human or alien.

This is their story.

Michael Anderle
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