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One Crazy Pilot
Cover Image
One Crazy Pilot
Cover Image

One Crazy Pilot

Apocalypse Paused Book 7
Michael Todd(Author) Michael Anderle(Author)
A bad day in Hell is better than crash-landing in the ZOO...

Especially if you wonder whether your helicopter pilot is certifiably insane.

Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle…

The surge is hitting the world. Focused on containing an outbreak to save humanity, a helicopter goes down without anyone to rescue the survivors.

This was a civilian delivery, not a military foray, so the survivors have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving.

Ava Martin, medical school dropout and government support staff, has just about the worst group of colleagues with whom to go into a dark alley at noon and make it out the other side. 

How is she going to deal with being dropped into a place heroes fear to tread?

The problem, one among many, is that the person she believes might be able to withstand the ZOO is either crazy like a fox...or bat-shit crazy.

The ZOO is making its move. Will those around the ZOO survive to hold it off, or is the world now a few short years of total destruction?



Join Ava Martin as she enters the ZOO, learning how to stay alive as she finds out more about the ZOO than the redacted reports explained, or she ever wanted.

Go up and click on the Read Now button and enter the ZOO.

Michael Anderle Michael Todd
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