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One Crazy Set Of Friends
Cover Image
One Crazy Set Of Friends
Cover Image

One Crazy Set Of Friends

Apocalypse Paused Book 11
Michael Anderle(Author) Michael Todd(Author)
When is it smart to push Manny too far?

Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle�

The short answer is never.

Kessler wants to test new combat suits - but also wants to try and find a 'safe' place to test out the expensive R&D.

Is there any place inside the ZOO they can find safe enough to test the equipment and get back out alive?

Peppy and Gunnar are helping but Peppy might have a reason to be a bit worried. 

The ZOO finds horribly new and dangerous ways to attack Ava and the team. Can Ava, Manny and the others adapt as fast to stay alive? 

Some say that laughter is the best medicine, but is that true when the ZOO ails you?



Join Ava Martin as she enters the ZOO, learning how to stay alive as she finds out more about the ZOO than the reports explained, or she ever wanted.

Go up and click on the Read Now button and enter the ZOO.

Michael Anderle Michael Todd
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